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i'm with the pilots

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[12 Apr 2008|07:28am]
i made the biggest mistake in life and though i'm not at a point in my life where i'm ready to handle the seriousness of it, letting myself lose her was the dumbest thing i've ever done.

she says maybe we can work it out someday. she'll be in a more stable place, i'll be better girlfriend material. i really hope she's right because i cant stand the thought of my life without her.
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wasting time in the fast food line [02 Aug 2006|09:37pm]
[ mood | drained ]

the flat that i will be living in come september 2 is called Manson Place!

how sweet is that name?

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gross update. read no further. [28 Jul 2006|04:29pm]
[ mood | angry ]

ewwww. myspace is ruining my life right now. its not letting me send any messages or post any comments. fuck you tom!!!

(i am thoroughly disgusted by the above statements.)

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blah blah blah. [15 Jul 2006|01:55pm]
[ mood | bad ]

i hate cats.

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dominate! [19 Jun 2006|10:15pm]
[ mood | amused ]

"if you were one of those guys that made ships in glass bottles and you looked in the bottle and there at the helm was captain termite... that would probably piss you off."

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theres nothing like emptying a cartridge at the sun [19 Jun 2006|12:22pm]
[ mood | busy ]


its ridiculous

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if you feelin like a pimp nigga go on brush your shoulders off [07 Jun 2006|08:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

mmm my schedule for next semester is sucky, but i dont have class on wednesdays! here it is:

Monday- British Life and Cultures 9am-12pm
Tuesday- Art History: Design in Britain 8:30am-12pm
Wednesday- Pub 101 (hehehe.)
Thursday- History of Modern Britain 8:30am-12 and Art History 1pm-4:30pm
Friday- History of Modern Britain 8:30-12 and Business Practices in the Global Context 1-4

at least theyll all be interesting classes.


work has been good to me. payday is friday! Al Gore is doing an instore tomorrow, so i can expect lots of angry lefties demanding their coffee with soy milk.

time to watch Capote. how i love netflix.

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when we are dead we all have wings [03 Jun 2006|09:57pm]
[ mood | drained ]

always busy with work. summer school starts on june 19th. caught a cold and havent had a voice for 2 days. watching a lot of educational programming (as usual). the weather is like that of the plains of africa. my coworkers are funny, the patrons are not. i lie. some of them are hilarious in all their bitter bossy glory. getting 33% off is nice. having a full bottle of cough syrup is nice. having a full bottle of whiskey would be really nice. but alas, the well is dry.

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gloat [23 May 2006|10:40pm]
[ mood | buzz ]

just so you all know...

i made THE BEST screwdriver tonight.

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jobs! [21 May 2006|03:44pm]
[ mood | content ]

i was offered a job at Borders Books in Westwood! i think i will take it. however, im still going to an interview at Peet's Coffee tomorrow. so we shall see... basically whoever pays more haha. i really like Borders though, its such a chill atmosphere.

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nerd moment [17 May 2006|04:19pm]
[ mood | calm ]

True Crime: Helter Skelter is on! and right after is a Rasputin documentary. oh History Channel...how i love thee.

Regina last night was awesome. front row! cameras werent allowed, but i snuck mine in anyway. as soon as i find my connector cable ill post those.

p.s. i love how the commercials on this channel are geared toward old men (i.e. Avodart the swollen prostate medication) hahaha.

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i kissed your lips and i tasted blood [16 May 2006|02:39pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i registered for summer school at SMC. ill be taking Human Biology on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm-9:40pm. blah. at least its only two days a week. my first choice was astronomy, but the teacher apparently has a really thick accent that no one can understand and is a major asshat. im also applying to work at Peet's Coffee cuz i like it better than Starbucks and Coffee Bean. wish me luck. i need this job and nowhere else seems to be hiring.


REGINA SPEKTOR! tonight! :D sooo excited.

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puppies! [15 May 2006|10:27pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i want this on dvd. i watched it like every day of my childhood life.

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update for the sake of updating. [15 May 2006|12:10pm]
[ mood | thinking ]

ok school has been over for almost a week. i believe i have chilled sufficiently for the time being. its time for me to find a job (sooo not happening, i already tried a little) and sign up for summer school. i am NOT looking forward to the latter. what do i take? anatomy, bio, astronomy? unfortunately i must take a science for LMUs core requirements so i figured id do it over the summer when i dont really have to care about other classes because if i took it at school, id definitely never attend and never care about it. haha.

i need to start reading all of my "for fun" books. Katie recommended that i purchase Helter Skelter, so that might be added to the list. thats what i love about summer, i can read all the books i want without having to feel guilty about not reading school books.

Regina Spektor is tomorrow! :)

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new slang [14 May 2006|11:14pm]
[ mood | clever ]

ledoutesale: lol..... what if people started using "gourmet" as an adjective to describe themself instead of saying like "bomb" or "tight"
bluegreensweater: WE SHOULD!

enough fucking said. go forth.

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Spring 2006 semester [10 May 2006|03:26pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

wow. my grades this semester are ridiculous considering that i do the absolute minimum.

Philosophy of Human Nature: A
Contemporary America: A-
History and Historians: A-
American Reform Movements: A-
History of Modern Russia: B+

yes, the Russian got a B+ in Russia, of all things.

basically im really happy with/proud of myself. and you should be too :)

i rewarded myself by buying the L Word season 2 on dvd. haha. so gay.

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jigga [09 May 2006|07:13pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i got a new purse today. its a baby beast. ill post pics later.

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schooooools out for summer. [05 May 2006|11:19am]
[ mood | excited ]

aaaaand im done!

hello summer.

time to get a job.

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i can see it in the horizon [02 May 2006|06:19pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

two more days...

two more finals...

then im a junior in college. and thats really weird. haha.

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here, learn some random shit about me: [23 Apr 2006|10:18pm]
[ mood | procrastinative ]

tagged by renamemydonkey

Once you are tagged you MUST write a blog about your 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next six people to be tagged and list their names.

1. i like to tear up napkins at the dinner table. take me out somewhere nice with cloth napkins to avoid being subjected to this behavior.
2. when i eat pizza, i take of the toppings and cheese and eat them before continuing on to the crust, followed by the dough-ey part.
3. i really like hip hop. like...for real.
4. i tie my shoelaces really weird. like i never advanced past pre-school status.
5. im 20 years old and i still dont have my driver's license.
6. i feel really awkward when doors are open just a crack. either be fucking open or be closed (preferably closed).

it took me forever to do this haha.

i tag....6 really bored people.

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